De eerste keynotespreker van de SURF Onderwijsdagen is Dr Timothy McKay, hij stelt zich alvast voor.

Dr Timothy McKay

Learning Analytics: Harnessing Data Science to Transform Education

The 21st century opened amidst an information revolution which promises to transform higher education as dramatically in this century as industrialization did in the last. Many things have already changed, but the real revolution will come when we harness information technology to personalize education: optimizing our education of an increasingly diverse student body, creating much greater student motivation and engagement, and accomplishing more with less.

This talk will describe how research using data about the processes and products of education led the University of Michigan to discover patterns of inequity in STEM education, develop an array of new student support technologies, and launch a major new Foundational Course Initiative.

Professor McKay is a data scientist working in two main areas: observational astrophysics and higher education. In astrophysics, McKay’s main research tools have been the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, the Dark Energy Survey, and the simulations which support them both. His team used these tools to probe the growth and nature of cosmic structure as well as the expansion history of the Universe. In higher education, McKay does learning analytics: using data produced by digitally mediated education to better understand and improve student outcomes. He is Faculty Director of the Digital Innovation Greenhouse in the Office of Academic Innovation, PI of the ECoach project, helping to launch the Foundational Course Initiative with the Center for Research on Learning and Teaching.

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